Cincinnati Veterans Affairs
Medical Center

3200 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45220
FTS 700-773-4596
(513) 861-3100
FAX FTS 700-773-5610

The Cincinnati VAMC comprises of a 248-bed hospital located within the University of Cincinnati Medical Complex, plus a 131-bed nursing home and a 60-bed domiciliary, both located in nearby Fort Thomas, Kentucky and a Vet Center. The Medical Center provides VA traineeships and residencies for health care administrators, clinical training for nurses and allied health professionals, and broad postgraduate medical education for 82 residents and fellows in 24 clinical specialties. General medical research pursued by VA staff is supported by grants totaling about $2.6 million annually.

Linda D. Smith, FACHE, Director
(513) 475-6300
(513) 475-6525

Peter Kotcher, M.D., Acting Chief of Staff
(513) 475-6302

David e. Ninneman, Associate Director
(513) 475-6301


University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Authorized Beds

248 Hospital
131 NHCU 60 bed domiciliary
50 Homeless
10 Substance Abuse

Type of Facility

GM & S Psychiatry Extended Care

Special Programs

Medical and surgical subspecialites focusing on:

Neuroscience focusing on:  

 Cardiology   Neurosurgery
Hematology/Oncology  Neuro-oncology
Infectious Diseases    Epileptology
Pulmonary Medicine  Neuromuscular Diseases
Vascular Surgery  Psychiatry
ENT Surgery  Chemical Dependence



 Day Treatment PTSD
 Nursing Home Care  Homeless Outreach and Residence Program
 Vietnam Era Readjustment  Nuclear Medicine Network
   Referral Center for other VA facilities

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